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French periodicals of the beginning of the XX century.

          Le Petit Journal Militaire,Maritime,Colonial. 1904, 1905,1906,1907

      Complete set of all left numbers (212 numbers in 4 volumes). The French magazine with military news. Paris. France: 1904-1907. 2500 pages. The firm cover, the increased format. Four smart semi-leather volumes with the gold stamping, containing a complete set of the French illustrated military magazine with all news and the detailed description of events in military area. The detailed description of the Russian-Japanese relations and events of the Russian-Japanese war, new military equipment with special attention to navy and construction of the ships, events in colonies, world politics, contracts and a set of other information illustrated, let and not so qualitative, but the most interesting photos and maps in the text. The edition rare even for France. In French. Condition: the excellent. Small gaps in the bottom of pages (paper thin, almost newspaper).

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