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   Наш сайт расчитан на коллекционеров редких книг и периодических изданий, почтовых открыток, автографов знаменитых людей, бон, географических карт и атласов. У нас Вы, возможно найдете то, что так долго искали для своей коллекции. Рекомендуем регулярно заглядывать к нам - обновления достаточно часты.


          Here it is possible to get autographs of known politicians, military officials of imperial and Soviet Russia, the foreign states, figures All-Russian extraordinary commission / People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs / the Head Political Department and the White movement, left a trace in the Russian and world history.

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          The certificate to the supplier of fleet about high-quality supply of the ship by supplies.

9000.00 руб.

       The certificate to the supplier of fleet about high-quality supply of the ship by supplies.

9500.00 руб.

          The letter of the wife of the Kiev governor general Trepov of F.F with the autograph to Kiev with the appendix of the draft of the new charter of Society.

8000.00 руб.

        Reference for a city military commissariat.

1500.00 руб.

          Party characteristic.

1500.00 руб.

         The document for free journey from St. Petersburg to Barnaul provincial secretary Gildengagen. Autograph of Volkov E.N. ( the Assistant to the Managing director of the Office of Its Imperial Majesty).

7000.00 руб.

         With the right of conducting financial operations in office of the State Bank of the USSR. 1944.

3000.00 руб.

         About reckoning of the second lieutenant of a stock Gildengagen in a military rank to the Office of its Majesty with the right of carrying a military uniform. 1909.

7000.00 руб.

       From the Riga state chamber in Tambov Provincial department. 1849.

5500.00 руб.

          Documents of the pilot of Merchant air fleet of the USSR. 1950-1975 .

2000.00 руб.

          The student's ticket (1915), the Accompanying letter to a grant (April, 1918), Vouchers for a free pass till railway (February, 1918).

3200.00 руб.
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