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   Наш сайт расчитан на коллекционеров редких книг и периодических изданий, почтовых открыток, автографов знаменитых людей, бон, географических карт и атласов. У нас Вы, возможно найдете то, что так долго искали для своей коллекции. Рекомендуем регулярно заглядывать к нам - обновления достаточно часты.


          In this heading we will offer rare domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines with information on events in Russia and in world history, editions of emigre organizations abroad and the other similar periodical press.

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          Weekly newspaper of one of departments of the central France.Reports of army of Napoleon. 1812 year.In French. 12 releases.

36000.00 руб.

          The French newspaper of 1826 about life on France.Messages from Russia.

2500.00 руб.

       In the magazine with reports of the Russian Polar expedition. Article in News of Imperial Academy of Sciences, volume 15. release 4. November, 1901 of SPB: Editions of Academy of Sciences. 1901.

6000.00 руб.

          The French newspaper of 1826 about life of France. Messages from Russia.

2500.00 руб.

          Kutepov's criminal case. Article in the magazine about a legal investigation of kidnapping of general Kutepov in 1930 in France.

3200.00 руб.

          Complete set of all left numbers (212 numbers in 4 volumes). The French magazine with military news. Paris. France: 1904-1907. 2500 pages.

40000.00 руб.

          6 pages of a big format (71х50 cm). More than 50% of volume - advertizing.

6000.00 руб.
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